07 June 2011

It finally happened...

We've had a good run...

We hit another milestone - For the first time in ten months, my baby is sick. Okay, not the very first time - he had a bout of congestion and coughing while I had bronchitis earlier this - but the first time I had to call the answering service and speak to a doctor after-hours. I'm not much of a Nervous Nancy Ostrich mother, but there's always a first, and this is just mine...

Niko had a little bit of diaper rash over the weekend - nothing out of the ordinary, a few red patches. I put on his Aveeno diaper rash cream as usual and let it go. We played outside all day Sunday (with plenty of water and a good amount of shade thrown in), and he felt a little warm Sunday night, which I attributed to getting some sun. My skin stays warm for days after a good dose of sunshine, so I didn't think anything of it.  He appears to have similar skin to mine, so I thought it was normal and okay.

Yesterday (Monday) morning, I noticed he still had a little bit of a rash - more Aveeno to the rescue! He didn't feel as warm as he did Sunday evening and was acting perfectly normal.

I got home from work around 17:30; he pooped shortly thereafter and I changed him to find... OHMIGOD WHAT IS THAT?!

From the top of his thigh into the crease and onto his little scrots was a hideous, puckered, scaly, blistery, hot rash. I washed it thoroughly and slathered on some (more) Aveeno and stuck him in a cloth diaper. Maybe something in the disposables was irritating him? Maybe he went too long with a poop in his  pants? I don't know...

I changed him again an hour or so later, and he felt so hot. I kissed his forehead and almost got second degree burns! I took his temperature - first under the arm... 101.7 - Okay, not awful, a little warm. Then I checked rectally... 102.6. Eh, getting up there... I stripped him and let him chill out. I checked again in an hour, and he was up to 102.8. "I guess I should call," I thought, after running the scenario by my mom and my BFF.

I got a prompt call back after calling the answering service - "Give him 1.2 mLs of Infant Tylenol and clean and cover the area with diaper rash cream." It took a while for her to spit out the 1.2 mLs of Tylenol thing... "The dropper... it has two lines... like.... 0.4 and 0.8.... give him one full at 0.8 and one half at 0.4" "1.2 mLs?" "Um... Yeah"

He loved the Tylenol (it was GROSS!) and downed it like a champ. I nursed him to sleep and threw down a chux pad in his crib with a receiving blanket on top for him to sleep on. I let him sleep naked until he woke up at 3 and then brought him into my room, where it was considerably cooler. I checked his temperature again - 99.7 (improvement!) and threw on a cloth diaper, and I finally was able to sleep.

We have an appointment this afternoon - I have to drive to a little bit of a further office because the only doctor at his regular office is Mr. Retract-Babies-Penises (which I told a guy at work about, who then berated me for leaving my son intact... "You better teach him how to clean it. It gets filthy. He'll probably have to have it done later anyways." "Not if it doesn't get retracted too early, which causes scarring, which can lead to an unnecessary circumcision and other problems later.") I'm preemptively diagnosing this as a yeast infection exacerbated by the heat, with a suspected ear infection as the culprit of the fever. C'est la vie... Lemons, anyone?

A True Trooper... (like his bicycle helmet?)
Do you have natural remedies for yeast or ear infections? Fill me in! How long were you able to go without a "Freak Out - My Baby is Sick" moment? Share in the comments or on the FaceBook.
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  1. I would love to find out which "medical professional" you work with that berated you about your decision to keep your baby intact. If anyone knows anything about this issue it's you. I give you so much credit for all the time you put into making sure your baby grows up to be the healthiest little man he can be. It's a shame that people can be so narrow minded about something like circumcision.

  2. I hope the doctors appointment goes well. As a side note, if you notice your cloth diapers repelling after this, I don't believe that Aveeno is a cloth safe rash cream. You can use liners for now or just strip your dipes after his rash is all cleared up.

  3. Thanks : ) I have to strip them anyways since it's been a little while since I've been really using them (we've barely been doing 10x per week cloth lately... bleh) but I'm just trying to use up this Aveeno. I really like it, but the Lansinoh cream works really well, too, and I'm thinking of switching to that. Is that okay for cloth? What's the best one you'd recommend? I think I have one more tube of Aveeno, one of Lansinoh, and one Boudreaux Butt Cream at home.

  4. I actually haven't ever had to use it (fingers crossed - not one rash yet) but I've read that California Baby is cloth safe. Here is a list: http://www.pinstripesandpolkadots.com/diaperrashcreams.htm