05 June 2011


As the saying goes, "When life hands you lemons... make lemonade."

I've got about a lifetime supply of lemonade right now. I'm not sure I need anymore lemons; but thanks for thinking of me, Life!

I've been busy as of late... neglecting my blog, staying off of FaceBook (not totally, but considerably), and spending a lot of time in the nondigital world. I'm frustrated, tired, lonely... My job is... my job, still... My car is becoming a never-ending source of "what's wrong now" and "how much for that." I really just need one more year out of the ol' girl but will gladly take two. The weather has been unappealing - going from frigid to sweltering in sometimes less than 12 hours... I either overwater my garden or don't give it enough... Money is as money always has been... tight.


Summer is here! My gardens are planted, I have some outdoor seating (kind of), and the nights are nice enough that a cool beer can be enjoyed in the brand of silence only suburbia can provide. I'm hoping to start reconnecting with some friends lost to mutual neglect and to try to mend some off-kilter friendships which hopefully remain salvageable. I'm starting to plan for Niko's first birthday. I know, I know... I have two and a half months, but surely those short 10 weeks will creep up on me just like the last 10 months have... quickly!

I'm hoping for some kicker summer plans but really doubt any will happen. I'll settle for a good harvest from my meager gardens, a walking baby before the end of summer, and maybe one trip out of the Heart of it All and into the great yonder MidWest. We'll see...

For now, I'm signing out with no promises of how soon I'll have anything to say again. It's just busy like that, and I'm feeling bleak.

Obligatory Cute Picture of Das Schatz!

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