25 July 2011

Birthday Party Planning: When, Where, with Whom...

(You may have noticed I am bad at counting sometimes. If not, nevermind.)

Thus continues the countdown to Niko's First Birthday! Twenty four days to go...

Some preliminary thoughts on Birthday Party Planning and some rough ideas of what we're doing lie ahead.

The only birthday parties I have had a hand in planning, really, were my own, and frankly, my mom did all of the hard stuff. I've had some dinner parties for a few friends and managed to host everyone at my house for Niko's Christening last October, but this "Birthday Party" thing is uncharted territory.

First Birthdays, from what I gather, can be kind of... eh... to plan a party for. I saw a poll on BabyCenter. Did you know that more than 10% of families spend over $500 on First Birthday Parties? What?! My budget is basically whatever it costs for food (which given my family, will be a lot). I'm fairly certain we'll be well under $200.

I've decided to have the party at my house. PROS: No crazy charges for renting space; No fighting off at a First-Come-First-Serve park pavilion; Kitchen & Grill readily available, not to mention Refrigerator... CONS: Limited space; Only on-street parking; Only one bathroom downstairs. I think this is the best decision.

I've decided to have the party on a Sunday in the early afternoon. PROS: Weekend; People may eat a little before coming; People won't have anywhere to hurry off to. CONS: Monday follows Sunday... Both of my parents work Saturday, so it was definitely out. Sunday just seems like a much better day to have a family birthday party - more convenient, more of a "family day," less rushed for my family to make it to my mid-suburbia dwelling that is 15 minutes away from any freeway.

I have invited my whole family. My mom's brothers. Their kids, ie. my cousins. My dad's zillion brothers (and one sister!). All of their kids, ie. my cousins. My brother's girlfriend. Some of my besties. I have handed out 30 of my 35 invitations. I don't think anyone's going to miss this party, and I am expected 50+ guests, at least 4 of which are under 2 years old, a few more under 5. Good times. I know that it is suggested that First Birthday parties be small, intimate gatherings, but since Niko has proven time and again to be the champ of being passed around, that piece of advice is being foregone, and we're opting for a bash!

Stay tuned in a few days for invites, decorations, the menu, and more! Thanks for reading!

What are you doing, or did you do, for your child's First Birthday? Tell me about it! Share in the comments or on the FaceBook.
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  1. Post some gift ideas please! :) See you then!

  2. Those plushy microbes you posted on my FB were adorable (and would be perfecto!) Since I suck and haven't sent your invite yet (in the mail today!) you wouldn't have seen I posted a Wishlist (number is on the invitation...) but here's the link - http://www.toysrus.com/wishlist/wishlistdetails/index.jsp?overrideStore=TRUS&wishlistId=30957956. Lots of play stuff - play food, play cash register, etc., and my... ah... his... favorite thing in the world, Yo Gabba Gabba!