27 August 2011

How Messes are Made

[The following is an instruction course, courtesy of Nikkolo Pikkolo, on the fine art of mess-making. Grab your toddler for a quick lesson!]
*These photos were taken by my sister while watching Niko one Saturday.

1. Survey your tools. What is available for mess-making? Here we have a bowl of apples, sliced nicely with the difficult to eat skin removed (my sister did this... I never skin my apples... MmM! Vitamin E!). They are placed neatly in a perfectly sized bowl.

2. Feign interest in whatever you plan to make a mess with. If you're eating, make it look like you're enjoying it. "MmMmMm!!! Apples! These are my FAVORITE FRUIT! I would NEVER EVER even DREAM of DUMPING these ALL OVER THE FLOOR!" You will learn to become more convincing as you practice more and more.


4. Resume interest in eating. Look at apples on the floor. Smile a little. Apples DO taste better with carpet fuzz!

5. Scatter your mess a little further. Pick things up and throw them.

6. Wonder why anyone would try to put your mess away!

7. Try to look adorable so you can have more apples.

8. Repeat in another venue (ie. the kitchen).

9. Scream when your apples get taken away...

What fun stuff have your kids done lately? I'd love to hear! Share in the comments or on the FaceBook.
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