25 August 2011

Uma Nova Conquista

I feel as though some serious stagnation has overcome me.

For me, stagnation often yields wildly infeasible projects that I envision undertaking. Today, I have chosen a more feasible project with realistically attainable results: Learn Portuguese.

Why Portuguese? Have you ever heard Portuguese? It's beautiful. Favorably, it is also a Romantic language, y hay nada mas que me encantar tan un idioma Romantico! I was once fairly fluent in Spanish, still having retained a great amount of that knowledge, albeit I will need a lot of Coca-Cola to remove that rust... I have studied Latin, the basis for the Romantic (get it, Roman...) languages (ie. Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French in a small but recognizable way, and many words in my native English). Portuguese and Spanish share many similarities (moreso than any other two of the languages) but will require some tricks of the tongue in blending and lots of memory to differentiate between the similar but oh so different spellings and pronunciations.

For quite some time now, I have been enamoured with The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions recorded by Seu Jorge for the movie The Life Aquatic. He is also featured in the film playing these songs, sultry covers of David Bowie, on an acoustic guitar, cigarette in mouth, beanie capping his beautiful Black Brazilian hair. I swoon! Below is a song from the captivating album, serving as my inspiration to venture into this conquest, which will hopefully prove easier than I have expected and will assist in removing me from this rut. Additionally, the multilingual exposure for Niko will be awesome. Lastly, maybe I'll meet a smokin' hot Brazilian and can impress him with my lingual stylings.

My Inspiration/Minha Inspiração

Sempre em frente, nunca pra trás

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