14 September 2011

Wordless Wednesdays: 14 September 2011: Birthday Party Bliss

So... Baby Niko's Birthday Party was a few weeks ago, and I have failed to provide an update. I'm working on a post on how the party went with some fun deets, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the party. Good times! Party on! Excellent!

I can't believe my sweet boy has turned One already...

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  1. happy birthday adorable boy and happy mom-iversary to you! I am not excited about baby E turning one this weekend - he seems too little for that! Time goes way too fast, doesn't it??!!

  2. I remember that feeling of the first birthday... (mine is 4 now). It's so special. I love the photos and that's a great cake!

  3. @Becky - YES! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast! It's amazing how he's grown in just the last couple of months, and the leaps and bounds he's making in development now are astounding. Intelligible words! Running! Conscious thought and basic problem solving! GAH!

    @Teresa - Thanks : ) It's been a wonderful journey so far, and I'm totally looking forward to many more. And the cake - I don't mean to brag - but HOMEMADE! My sister is a pastry chef by training and she baked the cake and made the frosting and marzipan, but I made most of the animals (out of marzipan) and handpainted each one and did all of the airbrushing and most of the decorating. I was so glad it turned out so well : ) Of course, as soon as we were done singing Happy Birthday (and my friend's 3 year old blew out the candle : P) Niko went straight for the beaver. HA!