26 April 2011

Still Here!

This last week has been... bleh! So busy! I don't mean to have neglected my blooger, but sadly, I have. I'm hoping to get some fun posts up this week! Look for them!

Easter was great on Sunday. We did A LOT of visiting, and Kola was soooo good! A few sideways glances here and there but for the most part, very agreeable to being passed around and adored by the masses of my large family! He looked very handsome in his little sweater vest, and his sneakers stayed on almost all day. He wow-ed everyone with his competent crawling (he has mastered the opposite-crawl, right leg + left arm forward, left leg + right arm forward, repeat) and his ability to stand up and cruise around whatever is baby height. He loved all of the presents he received - a garden cart and gardening toys from Mama, a sandbox from his Godparents, a swimming pool and some clothes from Baba & Papa. He's all set for summer! He also loved eating eggs all day - he loves eggs! Maybe because I love eggs....

Easter presents! Garden Cart & Gardening Utensils & Swim Trunks! Oh my!

Yesterday, we visited with my very best of friends, Monica (from Peach & Pimento) and her wonderful famibly! She was in town for the (extended) weekend, visiting her family in Ohio. Monica's eldest daughter, the Peach, turned 4 yesterday! We met at the Museum of Natural History in Cleveland and spent a couple of hours wandering through the museum, looking at the dinosaur bones, the indigenous flora and fauna of Ohio, and at Lucy (possibly Peach's favorite). Little Pimento and Little Kola spent the afternoon nuzzled in Mama-pouches attached to our fronts; Pimento dozing, Kola being a ham and pretending to listen to me talk about Coelacanths (my favourite fish!) and the Great Chambered Nautilus (my favourite cephalopod!). We finished the evening with dinner at Monica's Mama's house and dined on delicious potato pancakes from Corky & Lenny's (if you're in Cleveland, you gots to check it out!) and Super Surprise Birthday Cake Ice Cream (so good!). Monica's one of my only friends that I've retained for years, no fail, and we can always pick up just where we left off. It's great that we both have wonderful little families. I think Motherhood fits us both very well, and it will be wonderful to watch each other's family's grow and mature, and eventually Kola and Pimento will be married (we're working out the dowry now). Okay, maybe not, but we can dream, right? At least they'd surely make pretty babies together since they're two of the cutest in the world now!

Anyways, it was a great (extended) weekend, despite the not so great weather.

I hope everyone's was equally as nice!


Love is where you find it. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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20 April 2011

Wordless Wednesdays: 20 April 2011 Consistent and Loving Care

Each week Natural Parents Network provides a theme for Wordless Wednesdays... This week is Consistent and Loving Care: What does consistent and loving care look like when provided by alternate caregivers?

Just one this week...

"You want to play Wii or something?"

My brother and my babe. Godfather and Godson.
Totally BFFs.

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.


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13 April 2011

Wordless Wednesdays: Gentle Advocacy Special Edition: We Represent!

Wearing my Babe at the Great Geauga Co. Fair

gDiapers Rock!

Digging some HomeMade Baby Wipes!

Mommy's Boy on Mommy's Boob

This boy loves Kale & Cabbage! Healthful eating starts at Day 1!

Kola prepping his fruit basket.

We represent and practice what we preach - The Naked Truth!

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. - William Faulkner

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12 April 2011

The Three R's of Effective and Gentle Advocacy

Welcome to the April Carnival of Natural Parenting: Compassionate Advocacy
This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have shared how they advocate for healthy, gentle parenting choices compassionately. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.

The Three R's of Effective and Gentle Advocacy
Humans are social creatures. We rely on socialization to fight boredom, to idle our time away, to learn from one another, to teach one another, to rely on one another. The school of Attachment, or Natural, Parenting is no new school; in fact, it is the oldest school of parenting, which, unfortunately, in recent centuries has seemed to have fallen by the wayside in Western culture. Attempts to revive the parenting theory and reeducate compartmentalized families have been making strides - in 2010, almost two-thirds of male infants were reportedly left intact; the U.S. government has provided provisions in tax code and the current First Lady is on a roll to promote breastfeeding; many hospitals encourage what they call "Kangaroo Care," promoting skin-to-skin contact for infants and both parents, as soon as possible after birth. Advancement towards regression to the natural manner of parenting is moving slowly but surely. Like most other mammals, we evolved as a species that provides milk to their young, that teaches use of tools and reserves of knowledge, and that lives in a nurturing and dependent community (and as a species we are considerably young; despite our recent advancements in the last century or two in relation to science and "civilization," our modern way of life is just a blip on the radar thus far). Our young are born least developmentally mature and require the most care in their first formative years compared to other primates. What better way to care for our young than in a natural way, the way we evolved to raise and be raised?
11 April 2011

I ♥ My Baby

I love my child. No, seriously. I love him a lot. Like more than anything in the world ever.

Even though he was unexpected and he's sort of a pain in the butt about 30% of the time, he is the very best. He's my most favorite ever.

I'm so excited watching him grow. I know a "Mama" is coming soon, even though he insists on calling me "Dada" right now (who needs gender constructs, anyways...). He's going to be walking soon. His growing cognizance makes me so excited! My Da-Sein-in-training! I think I'm most anticipating his ability to make decisions. I don't care how little they are... whether he wants prunes or pears with his yoghurt... or his Bob Marley shirt or his Paul Frank hoodie... I can't wait for his stories and jokes and reasonings. I know he's going to be hilarious (Of course! He's learning from the best...). I don't want to rush him into being, but I very seriously look forward to it.

I love where he's at now. Aware. Not yet autonomous, but aware. Aware of his surroundings. Aware of who surrounds him. Aware of his preferences.

It seems like such a short time ago that I was complaining that I was "so ready for this baby to be out!" It's really gone too quickly. I'm cherishing every moment I spend with my little guy. Savoring it. He no longer smells like a sweet infant, full of my milk, pooping soft yellow pudding that smelled like apples, yoghurt, and yeast. He smells like a little boy - dirty (although not unclean), sweet but not soft. His poop smells awful. He eats now... not just from me, but a little bit of everything.

He has started giving me kisses. I ask him nicely, "Niko, give Mama a kiss," and he opens his mouth a blows a raspberry on my cheek. They are the sweetest kisses ever. I love my baby. So much...

Panda 1 & Panda 2

Love is where you find it. I think it is foolish to go looking for it, and I think it can often be poisonous. - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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08 April 2011

My Mockingbird: A Poem

There is a little mockingbird,
Two-thirds a year, and without word;
But mimic, mock, and chortle he does,
With a smile and with love.
Oh, my little mockingbird!,
Little wings and little feet,
Little noises; he is so sweet -
Wherefore I love
My little mockingbird,
Two-thirds a year, and without word.



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06 April 2011

Wordless Wednesdays: 06 April 2011 Bath Time [in a Sink]

Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar. - Pablo Picasso

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05 April 2011

I ♥ Three Little Birds

It's no secret that I love Bob Marley. It's also no secret that I love cute things. It may be unknown that I call Kola my Little Bird. It started when we got into solid foods - I was holding a puff for him and he reached up with his head instead of grabbing with his hands and opened his little mouth like a baby bird.

Whenever he cries (or whenever I cry), I always sing (or listen to) this song. No matter what, everything (every little thing) will be alright. You want to know why I come off as so put together? Because I know that. If you know that, you'll be alright, too.

P.S. I really love that videos like this exist - I think the colorful and cute designs are enthralling for children and make the music more memorable. I really believe that music is a great learning tool - not just for concrete education, but for abstracts, too, like emotions.

Don't worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be alright. - Bob Marley
What do you listen to with your family? Any recommendation to share? Post some in the comments or on the FaceBook.

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I ♥ Home-Made Baby Food: Part I

I really enjoy making our own baby food for Little Panda. It's nothing fancy. I buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep on hand all the time, and even though we do go through a good number of jars of prepared baby foods (I like Earth's Best - he eats Stage 1 & Stage 2 foods now - the convenience is great as well as the product!), it's nice to make some stuff up for him to eat so that *I* KNOW what's in his food. The following are just some thoughts and recipes that I've used that have become a hit with baby Kola... I'll add more in series of 4 or 5 at a time...

HomeMade Baby Food!

01 April 2011

We have Moved!

After being pretty frustrated at the lack of (free) customisation options on WordPress, I decided to move on over to Blogger. It's Google. I love Google. Seriously.

So here we are! All of the posts you've grown to love (hopefully!) have been moved over and republished here, along with most of the comments they received while at WP.

I put up a little poll - see it in the right hand corner? Let me know if you like it better here or if you think I should have just stayed... or if you just DGAF. I'm always open to suggestions to make this a better experience for YOU! The Reader! Leave some comments : )

Thanks, as always, for reading my blooger!

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