04 October 2011

Tagging Tuesday: Blog Edition

On the FaceBook and Twitter, Tuesdays are reserved for tagging. This week, I'll do it as a blog post. Some people have Sunday Surfs, sharing great articles from the last week; I'll include it in my Tagging Tuesday.

Here are some of my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers from this last week (or so)...

This is my friend Meagan, who has a beautiful family, lives on a quaint ever-growing mini-farm (chickens and bees and all!), and is starting out as one of NorthEast Ohio's most recommended Birth Doulas. Last week she cleaned house to create a more pleasant environment for learning; she's been learning herself, too, how to cook; and she's made the decision to work towards becoming a Certified Birth Educator (she has a sure-to-be awesome class going on now in Perry, OH, and more to come if you're interested!)
Some really cute ideas from Jenn for "Busy Bags" (with some bonus cool links to other ideas) for toddlers who need their hands and minds occupied! All of these busy bags teach sensory and problem-solving skills and a multi-level so they can be used again and again as your child gets older and more skilled. Cool!
Monica (my very best friend ever) has a couple of wonderful girls, the younger of which is just a pinch younger than Niko. Little Pimento has been hitting those Milestones hard and is on the cusp of initial self-actualization and becoming fully mobile. Exciting times!
Hmmm... No photo available, but I have one from my personal stash I can add later...
How to Eat Vegetables that You Don't Like
Not everyone (read as a lot of people) like to eat their veggies. Amanda has some great tips on how to make vegetables more palatable (or hidden) in some dishes you probably make at home already. From a sly avocado dressing to zucchini latke, she has some great tips on adding some green to your plate in an inconspicuous way!

So that's it  for now. These are some posts I've enjoyed reading over the last week! I hope you like them as much as I have : )

What are some of your favorites from the last week? Share in the comments or on the FaceBook.
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