13 August 2013

The Joys of Siblings: An Inside Joke

Welcome to the August 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Sibling Revelry
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The theme for this month's Carnival of Natural Parenting is Sibling Revelry.

With only a single child of my own, I do not have any tales to recount of Niko's experience with siblings. I, however, have two siblings, whom, despite maybe not always showing it, I love and appreciate dearly.

I am the eldest of three children, spaced out pretty evenly with a maximum of about five-and-three-quarters years between us. I recently celebrated my 29th birthday; my sister, the middle and "favorite" child, is 26; my brother, the baby, is 23. Fun, right?

I clearly remember when my sister was born. I remember my Grandma being over my house while my parents were at the hospital and getting a call on the yellow phone we had mounted on the wall in the kitchen (If you were unaware, phones used to have cords, used to be only really central in the house, and had a rotary dialing circle... I was born in 1984). I remember, very clearly, talking to my Mother and Father - I had a sister. Ugh. Ugh.


My life was over.

I don't remember a ton from when my brother was born - Sorry, John! I remember the hospital and being pretty enthralled with the baby - I think a lot of the memories are still overshadowed by the unnerving of the introduction of my first sibling. I'm sure being 5 instead of 2.5 helped ease in the second sibling.

Fast forward about 15 or so years.

This is a story about a joke that we skillfully developed whilst the three of us, mind you, adult-size, sat in the backseat of my Mother's Jeep on the way to Christmas visiting. It still evokes a cringe when it's told, but it still makes me giggle.

As I said, we were crammed into (albeit somewhat spacious.. for not three adults) the backseat of my Mother's Jeep Liberty en route to Christmas celebrations at my Grandmother's house. We were traveling in our typical fashion - "Turn the radio to something not awful." "Turn the heat down." "Turn the air on." "Turn the heat up." "Unlock the windows." - In summation, obnoxiously. I was enrolled in my sophomore year of college, just having taken a course in Ichthyology. I was also living at my Grandparents' house (not the one we were en route to visit) with my Aunt, Uncle, and young Cousin, who had a plethora of Grade-School appropriate jokes to share. This joke is an amalgamation of my love of Ichthyology and the awesome jokes I learned from the seven-year-old I was living with.

Have I built up enough suspense?

Me: Knock-knock. (Okay, you can tell it's a good one at this point...)
Sister: Who's there?
Me: Coho. (It's a type of salmon.)
Sister: Coho who?
Me: What did the Coho say to the Smelt? (Another type of fish.)
Sister: What?
Me: Knock-knock.
Brother: Who's there?
Me: Pudding.
Brother: Pudding who?
Me: Pudding on your pants before your underpants is a baaaaaaaad idea.
Mom: Stop it.

I know that joke was a lot to handle. If you're not perplexed or giggling.. well.. I think maybe I'll have to apologize.

We still tell this joke, much to the confusion of others and much to the dismay of my parents, and we still lose it whenever it's told (although I always have to commandeer the joke by inserting a knock-knock wherever I can).

The point of my story is this. Some memories with your siblings such. Some are positively memorable and become inside jokes, intimate memories, or favorite stories to tell (I'm totally going to have to write a separate post about my Uncle's favorite story about my Dad).

I'm sort of hoping that I'll be able to give Niko a sibling so he can share some of those experiences - the dependability of a sibling, as well as the camaraderie, empathy, role model-ship, shared memories, seeming unfairness, character building, sharing, coveting, loyalty, and love that are unique to having siblings.

My siblings and I at Niko's Christening

To my siblings, I love you. To my parents, thank you.

Do you have a funny story about your siblings? What do you appreciate most about them? What about your children - Any funny or memorable sibling stories to share? Tell me about it the comments or on the FaceBook!

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  1. What an awesome post. When you are young, I think it's difficult to understand. It's so nice that you guys grew up so close.

    Do you think being spaced further apart helped in the long run or no?

    1. I think so, and I think it was done very intentionally by my parents to ease their sanity. Both of my parents are from pretty large families (my mom is the eldest of 5 with similar spacing, my dad is the middle of 9 with variable spacing).

      Overall, I think it worked out well and was best for our family.

  2. That made me laugh! I love inside jokes — sometimes the more pointless, the better they are.

  3. {snort} Well I thought it was funny, but when you've heard your 5yo tell you knock knock jokes that make absolutely NO sense, you're not in a place to critique the more sensical comedy ;)

  4. Your knock-knock jokes are so sweet!

    As for my relationship with my siblings — they probably know me better than anyone in the world. Being known in that way can be frightening — but as we've grown older, it's mostly meant that they've been a great help to me.

  5. I love that families have inside jokes and stories like yours. I think the older I get the more I can truly appreciate my siblings. :)

  6. I love the inside jokes. Siblings are weeeeird.