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14 December 2011

It's Oh So Quiet... Until!

I have been on a pretty hardcore break as of late... Why, you ask? Between Niko's insatiable curiosity (which is great, no doubt, yet tiresome nonetheless), business at my nine-to-five picking up, and the "joys" of home-ownership, I've been pretty busy outside of the FaceBook and Blogosphere. Oh, there's another thing eating my time - I started selling little tidbits online!

05 April 2011

I ♥ Home-Made Baby Food: Part I

I really enjoy making our own baby food for Little Panda. It's nothing fancy. I buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep on hand all the time, and even though we do go through a good number of jars of prepared baby foods (I like Earth's Best - he eats Stage 1 & Stage 2 foods now - the convenience is great as well as the product!), it's nice to make some stuff up for him to eat so that *I* KNOW what's in his food. The following are just some thoughts and recipes that I've used that have become a hit with baby Kola... I'll add more in series of 4 or 5 at a time...

HomeMade Baby Food!

27 February 2011

Home-Made Baby Wipes

At the Panda Residence, we are constantly trying to cut our daily costs through the guise of trying to go green. Case in point: baby wipes. We go through at least 10 a day, usually closer to 15, depending on how many poops we're blessed with. If you figure that one package of about 70 costs about $3, I'm spending $3-6 dollars per week on wipes. That's about $20 per month, evened out. Extrapolate out... $240 per year. Zoinks! For less than the cost of a large box of wipes (about $15), we've made some home-made wipes and wipes sauce to use at home (we'll probably stick with disposables while we're out and about... I hate traveling with Biohazards on deck).